BZA is Returning to Fabulous Las Vegas.

Three Highly Esteemed Members of BZA are Returning to Fabulous Las Vegas.

The trip consists of a five-night stay, beginning the 10th of November, 2011. BZA members are invited to follow the journey, discovering tips and tricks, while revealing desires and memories of the city that never sleeps. Wait a minute, that's New York.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Last Minute Deal: Harrah's Laughlin

BZA currently has a September offer from Hooters that is almost too good to refuse. The only sticking points? Time off and expensive plane flights. Enter my latest and only current offer from Caesar's Total Rewards.

  • Plane flight from Austin to Laughlin, Nevada (2 hours from Vegas)
  • Four nights in a deluxe room
  • September 4-8
  • $289 per person
The timing may be perfect for some, but I still can't manage to take four days off, especially with ACL Fest around the corner. Chances of a BZA Vegas September? Two percent.

Seeking Contributors

Want to get in on the excitement that is the BZA Vegas 2011? If you would like to contribute stories to the blog, please send me your e-mail address. Of course, you can always leave comments.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cranberry Coolers like the Cape Codder

Cosmopolitan is confirmed.

Although it has been described as "Life from inside a chandelier." , the Cosmo has plenty of talent and lots of hidden penny slots. You may get lost trying to find a blackjack table but there's a comfy modern chair nearby to watch the scenery. Oh, and we might as well become part of the Identity Club. Maybe we will take a break and hit up the hot pool party at the Marquee Dayclub.

The blacklist award goes to the MGM Grand. Not much to explain here. It's not on the way to Ellis Island, like the Westin is. The lion is never around when you want to check him out. And it's kinda of like being on an endless yellow brick road walkway. Too long!


Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Reverend Green

Here is a collection of photographs from previous trips to Las Vegas.

 Orange Juice

Pitchers of Coors Light

Don Williams

Marc Cohn in the Peanut Gallery

Monday Up and Down

There was a bit of a spoiler in my previous post about which casino I was going to blacklist. I seem to be in a pretty foul mood, and my misguided fury is about to set upon what was once one of my favorite casinos.

Bellagio: Italian for Blacklisted

The fountain is exquisite, and I enjoy sneaking a peek, but I heard the same shows in 2006. The Fremont Street Experience is more up-to-date. The leather chairs at the sports book are the best, and drink service there is also top notch, but I've no use for any of that on a summer Monday night. Bellagio finally had $10 minimum blackjack tables the last time I was there, but I had no luck, and less satisfaction from the casino. I hate losing money in a bad mood, and I certainly felt pretty rotten the last time I was there. This year, I'm lucking out across the street.

Flamingo: Getting Relief

This is a very decent casino, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Harrah's Caesar's has consistently offered BZA terrific room comps, and the Flamingo is a great place to stay. It is right in the middle of the strip. The rooms aren't luxury, but they aren't motels either. The habitat is a pleasant place to visit, and say hello to the cinnamon teal for me when you're there. The service is reasonable, the tables are priced right, and I enjoy the atmosphere of the breakfast buffet. They have plenty of Wheel of Fortune slots as well. Not to mention some pretty sweet ashtrays.

Thank you, Silverton!

Ellis Island responded immediately to our e-mail, and it seemed like we had had a good thing going. Then came the silence. Efforts to contact Four Queens and Hooters were met with no reply. We faced similar bad luck with Treasure Island, The Cannery, and Bill's Gamblin' Hall. Was BZA not good enough for Vegas? Flashbacks to Bellagio suddenly entered our minds. We had presented our player's card to the dealer at a $10 minimum table and were told that we wouldn't be rated unless we wagered at least $25 a hand. That's akin to saying our money is not wanted there. Take the damn card and say thank you! Go ahead and mark down that we're not betting enough, but don't say it to our face. What if we had a streak, good or bad, that ended up in our betting $50 a hand? Are you going to ask for our card then?

Silverton has come through and restored our beliefs in all that is good about Las Vegas. We are about to blow $2k of our hard earned money on the farce that one can win big in this town, and the least a paid communications director can do is send us a thank you note ahead of time. They were told that "esteemed" members of BZA were heading their way. Did we have to mention that one of us is coming on the heels of receiving a fat $100k+ check? All we asked for were "any helpful tips or recommendations for our stay." Melinda Filstrup at the Silverton was kind enough to oblige us.


That's great news! Please check out the following.
  • Twin Creeks Steakhouse.  Great food.
  • Mi Casa Mexican restaurant. We have a large selection of Tequilas and a new menu (menu launched last week).
  • Seasons Buffet
  • Mermaid Lounge
  • Sundance Cafe
  • SWAY - June 4th we have a pool party with a special performance by Haleamano featuring The Mighty Diamonds.
  • Silverton Rewards - We just launched a new and improved Players Club on April 1st.  Sign up for a players card for dining and gaming offers.

I hope this information helps and we look forward to your stay.

The My Morning Jacket concert at my house was fantastic, and I'm ready to announce my final Monday selections, but I would like to thank the Silverton one last time for the satisfactory reply I received. As you can see, all it takes is a boilerplate cut and paste job to please BZA.

Friday, May 27, 2011 for losers

What is this blog about? Is it only about choosing Casino's to visit or blacklist on the upcoming BZA Vegas Vacation? I would venture to say that the answer is no. Instead this blog also serves as tool to unveil Vegas for what it is. It allows the BZA perspective to be heard and brings the Vegas experience to others. After all, Las Vegas is a general "Life Lesson" described through a series of events by BZA members' experiences. To that end...of course we all would love to hit jackpots but it isn't always about Wynning. The quality of the experience will linger in our thoughts far beyond the material Wynnings.

I recall a story from BZA Neil and his brother. They were guests at the Wynn Casino one lovely summer. They decided to eat 7-11 hotdog sandwiches on the front steps of the Wynn while they gawked at the other guests. Without any hesitation the Wynn security staff immediately picked them out as ruffian vagabonds intent on harassing all the Wynn Hotel guests. When stopped and questioned by Security, Neil whipped out his Wynn hotel key and left them so disillusioned. Security could not believe how such a dynamic duo could actually be guests at the Wynn.

This story, "Dantasy", makes it utterly clear that BZA is not to return to the Wynn. Instead BZA may consider visiting the bastard son, The Encore, next door if time permits.

Wynn is Blacklisted

Hacienda Casino is Confirmed

Despite a few poor reviews and some really positive comments "Tristan, August 2010, Location good...The Hacienda Hotel is located very close to Lake Mead. That's the nicest thing I can say." The Hacienda Casino has made the BZA list. We are not going to stay at the Hotel but rather pass by on our trip to Hoover Dam. This means we will hit up the Casino and Restaurant. We can sign up for the Matador Club card and try our luck on Mr. Lucky's Big 6 Wheel. This will be the Gem in the desert!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Silverton by a Soda

BZA selects: Silverton

I was set to select M, but the locals have ruined the M resort's main attraction, the free soda fountains. From
And that's the reason they were removed, with locals coming in with their families and abusing the perk by filling up Big Gulp cups with free soda and wandering the casino. Or patrons not purchasing a drink at the restaurants because they could grab a free one just a few yards away.
But players can still get free drinks via the cocktail waitress, just like other casinos.
Sorry, but "free drinks via the cocktail waitress" means $1 drinks via the cocktail waitress, and no Dr. Pepper is worth a golden coin. M Resort still has a shot, but the guarantee goes to Silverton, and here's why.
  • "Best Free Attraction" in Las Vegas.  Silverton boasts a 117,000 gallon aquarium, and unlike Mandalay Bay, it's free.
  • The Silverton is nicely situated off the strip, not too far off-course from the Hoover Dam.
  • Silverton Rewards is a membership club that I haven't joined yet.
  • Starbucks coffee available to casino patrons.

BZA rejects: Mirage

Can it be that another top-notch casino makes the Blacklist? Before BZA is branded as a bunch of lowlifes, let me explain. Dinner is at 10:00. The Mirage volcano is at 11:00. Sexy Sirens is at 11:30. There simply isn't enough time to go to the casino. A mirage may play tricks on the eyes, but it cannot stop time. Drinks at the Mirage are terrific, and the waitresses are pleasant and prompt, but the casino is unfortunately in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Pardon me Roy, is that the cat who chewed your new shoes?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

You're fits perfectly

Final Saturday Blacklist is...The Plaza Casino.
The website says the Plaza will be under renovations and the rooms are closed. The casino floor will be open but they even suggest visiting their sister casino, The Vegas Club, next door. BZA will only visit the Plaza when it is completely remodeled and up to our standards!

Oh, and next door is the Golden Gate Casino that apparently has Du-par’s famous pancakes (named ‘Best in America’ by Esquire magazine). So there is no need to cross the street to the Plaza Hotel.

Neil posted a $39.99 guide to Vegas earlier this week. Here is a last thought for your to consider. If you follow his guide you will have about 20 drinks in one night. So be prepared to tip the golden coins!


Monday, May 23, 2011

Deuces Wild!

Red Rock Casino: Confirmed!

 Last time I visited Red Rock, I was stricken with the O'Shea's sudden severe illness. No more late-night duck-duck-goosery! The casino floor is spacious, with a vast selection of video poker machines. It's nearby the Red Rock Canyon, which provides an opportunity to sweat out some alcohol and amp up for the next night's festivities. Goo Goo Dolls are performing Friday night, so it looks like a day late and 30 dollars short for BZA. 

Fremont Casino: Blacklisted!
 I'll stick to the street outside the casino. With the exception of Four Queens, downtown is going to be a sightseeing trip for me, and I can never seem to get into a decent craps game at the Fremont. The player's club was nice enough to provide a pair of souvenir dice just for asking. 

$39.99 a Night, Vegas Edition

Is it possible to last a night in Vegas and only spend $39.99 on food and drink? Sure it is! Here's a possible tally of our upcoming adventure, June 3.

 $39.99 a day - Friday Special

Ellis Island
    Steak Special $7.99
    Amber Ale - Free
    Brown Ale - Free
    Amber Ale - Free
    Amber Ale - Free
    Tax + Tip $7.00
    Total $14.99

Hard Rock
    Tanqueray & Tonic - Free
    Tax + Tip $1.00
    Total $1.00

    Greyhound - Free
    Greyhound - Free
    Greyhound - Free
    Tax + Tip $3.00
    Total $3.00

    Tanqueray & Tonic - Free
    Tax + Tip $1.00
    Total $1.00

    Tanqueray & Tonic - Free
    Tax + Tip $1.00
    Total $1.00

    Coors Light - Free
    Tax + Tip $1.00
    Total $1.00

    Subway Club Sandwich - $9.00
    Coors Light - Free
    Tax + Tip $2.00
    Total $11.00

Circus Circus
    Coors Light - Free
    Coors Light - Free
    Coors Light - Free
    Coors Light - Free
    Coors Light - Free
    Coors Light - Free
    Coors Light - Free
    Tax + Tip $7.00
    Total $7.00

Grand Total $39.99

What's great about this plan is that the Steak Special at Ellis Island comes with a free beer!

Get Out the Map

We are now halfway through our selection process, so it's time for an update. Click the links below for a map of casinos for each day.

Confirmed: Ellis Island, Hooters, Circus Circus
Blacklisted: Mandalay Bay, Stratosphere, Luxor
Selections remaining: 0

Confirmed: Cannery, Four Queens, Red Rock, Main Street
Blacklisted: California, Palace Station, Fremont
Selections remaining: 1 blacklist

Confirmed: Casino Royale, Treasure Island
Blacklisted: Green Valley Ranch, Venetian
Selections remaining: 2 confirmations, 2 blacklists

Confirmed: Bill's Gamblin' Hall, Planet Hollywood
Blacklisted: Bally's, Monte Carlo
Selections remaining: 3 confirmations, 3 blacklists

Stay tuned for the second half, and please give us your recommendations!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wonders of the Ancient World

Luxor Casino makes the Friday Blacklist.
I've stayed at the Pyramids before. I remember Neil and I crashed one of the hotel rooms and had to sleep on the floor. The Pyramid is a member of the Buffet of Buffets and actually gives back some decent room comps and drinks but as Karl Pilkington says "The floor space, the square footage, is massive, but the upstairs bit is tiny. What's that all about?" BZA will pass on the Luxor this go around.
BZA likes Main Street Station CasinoThis place has a Triple 7 Restaurant and Microbrewery. It is part of the B Connected Card Club. It is a couple of blocks off the main Fremont Street so I hope it will be more authentic. BZA can't wait to add this Casino to the visited list.


Friday, May 20, 2011

Final Friday Confirmation: Circus Circus

The third an final confirmed casino for BZA on Friday, June 3, is Circus Circus. We will be staying the night across the street at Riviera, and Circus Circus is a great choice for late night gaming. The casino offers a circus slot carousel, which spins slowly as you play. You can watch a trapeze act as you hit it big on the penny slots. Most kiddos will be in bed by the time we arrive, so we can avoid the riff-raff. Last time we visited they had a great blackjack offer too. $40 in chips for $25 is a pretty good deal, as long as you don't lose eight straight hands.

Stay tuned for our final Friday elimination, followed by a wrap-up of our first night selections.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

There is no Geneva Convention for kids

Let's take a look at some of the conventions in Vegas during our upcoming visit. Paris and Mandalay Bay are hosting the Antique Jewelry & Watch Trade Shows. The Las Vegas Convention Center is hosting the American Craft Retailers Exposition and the Laundering & Dry-cleaning Convention. And the last convention of note is the International Association of Insurance Women Convention at the Flamingo Casino. I guess that means we will encounter several well dressed, stylish, artsy, highly-insured women making the most of Sin City. I think BZA can handle that!

Once again it is time to pick a lucky casino that we will visit. Neil beat this cookie to the punch and he already chose Planet Hollywood (PH, "FFFHH") as a confirmed visit. I will indulge you with my thoughts then pick another...This place has a lot going on. When you walk in the casino, the atmosphere is hip with music blasting great tunes all throughout. The table games (blackjack, poker, etc) have special Pleasure Pits. These Pits have go-go dancers dancing on small stages near the table and showing you their skills as they twirl on the stage pole. PH is a member of the Buffet of Buffets which means we can visit the buffet as many times as we can with our 24hr pass (what a deal!). Finally PH has the Pleasure Pool. I have never been to the pool but it's summertime and the pool is the place to be, especially with the name Pleasure Pool. I'm all about PH. See you there!

My pick for the Monday list is Bill's Gamblin' Hall & Saloon. How can you not choose Bill's? It is like a dive bar but has a casino in it. Look at all the great products you get a Bill's:
-Cheap Pitchers of Beer
-A Hot Dog Cart
-Electronic Craps
-Recommendation by Tankersley

Bill's is now on the confirmed visit list!
And the Blacklist addition is...Monte Carlo Casino. It was under renovations a few times that we visited but even after all the work it's just not that cool. Yeah they have electronic roulette but I don't think Neil won anything on it. Not only that but Neil always forgets to cash in his sports bets which means we end up driving back to Monte Carlo last minute. I know BZA Wes is all about Fantasy Baseball and would probably like the Monte Carlo but from what I understand Neil has not even changed his Fantasy team in 4 years. Therefore there is no need to go to the Monte Carlo.
Please vote in the gentleman's poll and comment on our posts.


Bally's: Bust

Thumbs Down: Bally's

Pro: You can get a Nathan's hot dog at Bally's for two bucks.

Bally's is showing its age. It is now reduced to being a giant billboard touting Caesar's "Buffet of Buffets." Life lesson: Bally's does not have a buffet. The moving sidewalk adds to the "Total Fitness" you can achieve. It has one speed: stationary. Standing outside of Bally's, it is quicker to get to Paris, Bellagio, or Bill's, and all three offer more excitement. Note to self: work off man-boobs before putting on evil Spider-Man costume.

Acid Rain? Check the ph!

Thumbs Up: Planet Hollywood

Since we are already visiting ti, it only makes sense to go to ph as well. The former Aladdin has some definite positives: a good buffet, reasonable table games, sexy dealers, and youthful clientele. These amenities make ph a great choice for a Monday afternoon, but there's more. There are two free attractions awaiting in the Miracle Mile shops. Second is the rainstorm. First is the Pleasure Pool.

Monday, Monday

Monday is BZA's final day in Las Vegas, and we have an ambitious list of casinos to visit. There are 17 to choose from, and by June 3, we will eliminate and confirm five from the following list:


Selections for Monday casinos will be made shortly, so stay tuned.

End of an Era

On Monday, May 16, the Sahara hotel and casino closed its doors after 59 years. BZA paid tribute to the venerable casino with kamikaze mini shots and a High Life chaser.

Sahara was home to $1 blackjack, a sweet Corvette that no one managed to win, and Danny, the best bartender in Vegas. I lucked out and managed to get a nice hat and shirt combo comped at the gift shop, but foolishly left behind $11 in comps. The Sahara shall remained closed indefinitely, at least until Perfection casino opens in 2020 or so.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mr....BZA...Don BZA

After a day at the dam and buffet bellyful what a better way to end the day than a visit to Casino Royale. BZA commits to visiting the Casino Royale for so many great reasons. First and foremost we are members of the Club Royale and always get great deals and coupons with the Funbook. Examples include 2-for-1 Frozen Margaritas, bonus payouts on Wheel of Fortune slot machines, Denny's discounts, and Subway treats. The Michelob bottles and Margaritas are only $1.00 anyways so what a bargain! Finally, the craps tables are HOTT!! Neil and Matt B. were totally banking on them last BZA trip. So I gladly report that BZA will visit Casino Royale again and come back big winners!

Now for the sad news. BZA will not have time to see the Venetian casino. Obviously we are Grazie Club members but the slots and tables were not very hot at this Italian extravaganza. One look at the headliners, Tim Allen & Joan Rivers, will send any decent casino connoisseur running. The last straw that led BZA to blacklist the Venetian were the Gondola Rides. I like Neil and all...but a Gondola Ride with him is NOT on my list.

Please vote and leave us a few of your comments.

-Roberto (Don BZA)

One Up, One Down

BZA Yes - Treasure Island
After returning from Hoover Dam, the BZA crew is likely to embark upon the Buffet of Buffets. After feasting at one of the seven buffets, we will be set up for a walking journey that will take us past the volcano at Mirage and The Sirens of TI. After the show, we will head into the casino, where we will be treated to a pleasant gaming atmosphere with good music, plenty of televisions, and excellent drinks at the Breeze Bar. Treasure Island also has an underrated race and sports book, if only baseball was our cup of tea.

BZA No -  Green Valley Ranch
This elimination is a tough one. I enjoyed watching the behind-the-scenes look at this casino on the TV show American Casino. Unfortunately many casinos of the Sunday list have more compelling reasons for BZA to visit. Of all the off-strip casino possibilities, GVR is the only one which both BZA members already have player's club cards for. Plus, I lost 100 bucks there last time in a successful attempt to get a gold card. My reward? 25% off the buffet. Strike three is the likely chance that BZA will be visiting Red Rock instead.

Be sure to vote on our poll of the day, I can already taste my choice of vegetable!

Sunday - Road Trippin'

BZA will finally hit some of the higher-end casinos on Sunday night, but not without first stopping by Hoover Dam. We need to check out the new bridge over the canyon. Temperatures are expected to be above freezing for this adventure. Since we will be out and about, this will be our opportunity to visit some casinos away from the strip.


Reader's Choice - Saturday Casinos

Thanks for voting in our poll of Saturday destinations. The Reader's choice for best casino is El Cortez. True, it's a lot smoky, but where else can you get a personalized key chain? Seriously, if there is another place in Vegas where you can get a free chain, let us know. As for the Reader's choice for worst casino, Plaza topped the poll. Fortunately for the Plaza, the poll has no bearing on which casinos BZA will blacklist - this time.

Stay tuned for the list of Sunday destinations, and a new poll!

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At least, I think you can.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Ellis Island Responds

Wednesday afternoon BZA notified Ellis Island of their status as a BZA confirmed casino.

 We received a response back on Thursday. Here it is:

Good Evening Neil,

We are very happy to hear that Ellis Island Casino has made the list! Our craft beers are great; they are 20oz beers for only $1.75. We have an off the menu Top Sirloin Steak Dinner that includes: salad, vegetable, choice of potato, and a 20oz EI draft beer, all for only $7.99! If you sign up for our Passport Players Club we have great giveaways and promos. Also, facebook and twitter is a good place to receive exclusive offers, events and prizes. If there is anything I can do to make sure we provide the best service in Las Vegas , please let me know. ‘Like’ us on facebook and follow on twitter

Thank you,

Michael Galatte
Be sure to 'like' Ellis Island. I know BZA does. This brings us to our poll question. We are now presented with two steak dinner offers for Friday night. Here is the special at Hard Rock, mentioned by Thomas:

  • Lucky Js at Hard Rock has the gamblers special. 8 oz steak, 3 shrimp, potatoes and a salad for 7.77 
Which to choose? Leave a comment below and respond to the poll. Stay tuned for the Sunday hits and misses.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Narrowing List....of Casinos

Quick summary for our new readers. Neil and I are headed to Vegas June 3rd-7th. We have been to Vegas several times and have stacks of player’s cards. We have free rooms on the strip and downtown. And we will have a rental car to help us get around. So now we must decide how many casinos can we visit and which ones are worth it. We are posting to this blog every day to make a pick of one casino and to reject another less worthy of our time.

So far our friendly commenter, Thomas, has pointed out that the Hard Rock has a great special, 8 oz. steak, 3 shrimp, potatoes and a salad for $7.77. As a result we will have to check it out.

In a few posts below Neil laid out a list of several casinos we could visit. We have picked a few good ones and confirm that we will go to Ellis Island, Hooters, and Four Queens.

We have rejected three other casinos and consider them blacklisted, Mandalay Bay, Stratosphere, and Palace Station.

I would like to add another casino to the confirmed list. We will visit the Cannery! It has Bingo, Beer, Pin Up girls, old time Las Vegas values, and of course The Can Club card. I need another membership card to add to the stack!

At this time I regret to inform you that I must also Blacklist a casino. We will not visit the California because it was so boring last time. The California had a lot of Hawaiian tourists wearing Hawaiian tie-dye shirts I was lost in all the color. Yeah, it was a drag.

So that's the update for now. Please vote on the sidebar for the casino's we should add or reject. Thanks, -Roberto

Two for Tuesday - Double Whammy Edition

Last weekend's camping trip sapped all of my energy, but the thought of Vegas being only 24 days away has invigorated me. Even better was the "What the H?" segment on Norm MacDonald's Sports Show. "Gambling is an addiction, but it's the only addiction that can make you fabulously wealthy. Take that, crack cocaine!"

In honor of classic rock stations, I present to you a "Two for Tuesday."  One casino to visit, another to avoid.

BZA Confirms - Four Queens
In the heart of the Fremont Street Experience lies an unsung casino famous to BZA for its generous pit bosses. Only the most hardy man can proudly boast that he will be sharing a room with his good friend at the Four Queens. Wait, what? They are referring to the playing cards? The folks at the Royal Club are eager to hand out the free decks of cards, and with a little luck, a nice embroidered bag. Drinking enough Bushmill's and making enough Pai Gow errors can land you a free breakfast or two. Rooms cost less than a taxi back to your strip hotel, so you might as well stay the night. Four Queens is the third casino to make it to the BZA confirmation list.

 BZA Blacklist - Palace Station
Too many hops, skips, and jumps from downtown will land you at Palace Station. I stayed there on my second ever Vegas trip in 2001, and have never returned. If Florida State had defeated Oklahoma, I may have had fonder memories. I'll save my video poker money for a different Station casino. BZA Blacklisted.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

2nd Commitment for Friday

I just got back from our Colorado Bend State Park camping trip. That means I finally have the interweb again. But I am tired and sunburned so I will make my pick for Vegas Vacation quickly.

I pick Hooters Casino as the second commitment for our Friday night. Hooters has hot wings, hot slots, and hot waitresses. It may be a little bit of a walk and the casino isn't too fancy but the The greyhound drinks were great and the view will make up for everything.

Summary for Friday:
BZA visits - Ellis Island Casino & Hooters.
BZA hates - Mandalay Bay & Stratosphere.

Please comment on where we should go and do for our Vegas Vacation.

Thanks, Roberto

Friday, May 6, 2011

Saturday - Making Our Way Downtown

Saturday begins with a late check-out of the hotel and a bit of a driveabout to all points north. Here are the fifteen casinos nominated for our Saturday sojourn. In the end, four of these casinos will receive assurances, whilst four will be given the shaft. Take your time to vote for your favorites, and feel free to leave comments.


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Feel Free to Comment

I have opened comments to all. I didn't realize they were restricted to members. How silly.

Tomorrow will be the second Friday BZA commitment, as well as the unveiling of our Saturday casino list.

Stratosphere - Keno? More like Ke-No!

The public has spoken, and the second casino to be relegated to the BZA Blacklist is Stratosphere. This was not a difficult pick, as the nearest casino to it will be shuttered. The Stratosphere boasts the largest tower in Vegas, and you can go to the top of it for the price of a steak and egg dinner. It's only a deal if you are a guest (we aren't) or if you buy a buffet or show tickets (we won't). Games at the Strat are no bargain either. In fact, of all the games to tout in the casino, the Stratosphere chooses the one with the worst odds - keno.

Each visit to Stratosphere is the same. Head upstairs to the elevator to find that it is too expensive. Head to the tables to find that blackjack pays 6/5. Say no thank you to the keno runner. Go outside to find that you are in the middle of nowhere. Notice that I never mentioned drink service.

You can see the tower from miles away, and that's where BZA will be on June 3.

The player's club was generous to give away T-Shirts to new members.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

1st Blacklisted Casino for the BZA Friday June 3rd 2011 Vegas Trip

Mandalay Bay has officially been blacklisted. The website describes things to do at the Mandalay Bay "At Mandalay Bay, you can do as much or as little as you like." well, obviously the BZA team will not be doing anything near that place anymore. BLACKLISTED

I am not the most eloquent writer so I decided to use technology to help me explain and detail my first Blacklisted Casino. The google voice translator did a great job at expressing my feelings about Mandalay Bay " I do not like Mandel, A, hey. Because, it is 2 far, away. Even so. It has 8monorail. Also, the casino gambling the area, has very high ceilings. It looks very open. And like there is very few tables. It is not very inviting. They're not many people there except for those that stay at that hotel. The only attraction. It's a short grief aquarium, which I've seen before. And it was expensive and is not that entertaining. The drink. And the clubs We're not appealing. And it is. Not much of a draw. At this point in time there for my vote. If this is a NO and we can choose closer, more interesting, and higher end in casinos. As a result. Thank you for your time. "

I think that sums it up. -Roberto (BZA)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day One - Confirmation - Ellis Island Casino and Brewery

The original plan was to have day one be an elimination, but I couldn't go through with it. There is one reason above all to visit Las Vegas, and since it on Friday's list, it deserves first mention and a spot on the BZA itinerary.

Ellis Island Casino and Brewery 

  • The best brewery in Las Vegas
  • The best karaoke in Las Vegas
  • The best barbecue chicken in Las Vegas
  • The best locals in Las Vegas
  • The best bartender in Las Vegas
  • The best free pizza possibilities in Las Vegas
  • A bungee cord for your Player's Club Cards
  • A free deck of cards if you ask nicely and drunkly enough
  • Kitty Glitter
  • Five dollar blackjack
  • Seven - Eleven next door
  • Free parking
  • A great symbol of freedom
  • Pam loves the golden coins!
BZA is proud to announce that on Friday, June 3, they shall be visiting Ellis Island Casino and Brewery.

Let the Games Begin!

This site was created as a stroke of pure genius. I know it to be a pretty smart idea, because a good friend went on to point out that Phish has already done something like this already.

 Two Highly Esteemed Members of BZA are Traveling to 
Fabulous Las Vegas

The trip consists of a four-night stay, beginning the 3rd of June, 2011. The traveling BZAs have composed a list of fifty-nine casinos they wish to visit while they are there. Of course, there isn't enough time to visit every casino on the list. We have devised a selection format in which we will choose sixteen casinos we must visit and sixteen casinos we will not venture to, thereby leaving twenty-seven optional casinos that we may see if we have any inclination.

Each day, on this very blog, one casino will either be given notice that no member of BZA shall enter thither, or one casino will be blessed with the confirmation that they shall receive the aforementioned entourage.

Without further ado, the list of candidate casinos for Friday, June 3.

Over the next four days, two casinos from the list above will be eliminated, and two will be designated as "must-see". After that, the list of Saturday casinos will be announced. Please stay tuned!