BZA is Returning to Fabulous Las Vegas.

Three Highly Esteemed Members of BZA are Returning to Fabulous Las Vegas.

The trip consists of a five-night stay, beginning the 10th of November, 2011. BZA members are invited to follow the journey, discovering tips and tricks, while revealing desires and memories of the city that never sleeps. Wait a minute, that's New York.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

End of an Era

On Monday, May 16, the Sahara hotel and casino closed its doors after 59 years. BZA paid tribute to the venerable casino with kamikaze mini shots and a High Life chaser.

Sahara was home to $1 blackjack, a sweet Corvette that no one managed to win, and Danny, the best bartender in Vegas. I lucked out and managed to get a nice hat and shirt combo comped at the gift shop, but foolishly left behind $11 in comps. The Sahara shall remained closed indefinitely, at least until Perfection casino opens in 2020 or so.

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  1. Although I never made it to the Sahara, I enjoyed taking a mini shot in it's honor.