BZA is Returning to Fabulous Las Vegas.

Three Highly Esteemed Members of BZA are Returning to Fabulous Las Vegas.

The trip consists of a five-night stay, beginning the 10th of November, 2011. BZA members are invited to follow the journey, discovering tips and tricks, while revealing desires and memories of the city that never sleeps. Wait a minute, that's New York.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Let the Games Begin!

This site was created as a stroke of pure genius. I know it to be a pretty smart idea, because a good friend went on to point out that Phish has already done something like this already.

 Two Highly Esteemed Members of BZA are Traveling to 
Fabulous Las Vegas

The trip consists of a four-night stay, beginning the 3rd of June, 2011. The traveling BZAs have composed a list of fifty-nine casinos they wish to visit while they are there. Of course, there isn't enough time to visit every casino on the list. We have devised a selection format in which we will choose sixteen casinos we must visit and sixteen casinos we will not venture to, thereby leaving twenty-seven optional casinos that we may see if we have any inclination.

Each day, on this very blog, one casino will either be given notice that no member of BZA shall enter thither, or one casino will be blessed with the confirmation that they shall receive the aforementioned entourage.

Without further ado, the list of candidate casinos for Friday, June 3.

Over the next four days, two casinos from the list above will be eliminated, and two will be designated as "must-see". After that, the list of Saturday casinos will be announced. Please stay tuned!

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