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Three Highly Esteemed Members of BZA are Returning to Fabulous Las Vegas.

The trip consists of a five-night stay, beginning the 10th of November, 2011. BZA members are invited to follow the journey, discovering tips and tricks, while revealing desires and memories of the city that never sleeps. Wait a minute, that's New York.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Ellis Island Responds

Wednesday afternoon BZA notified Ellis Island of their status as a BZA confirmed casino.

 We received a response back on Thursday. Here it is:

Good Evening Neil,

We are very happy to hear that Ellis Island Casino has made the list! Our craft beers are great; they are 20oz beers for only $1.75. We have an off the menu Top Sirloin Steak Dinner that includes: salad, vegetable, choice of potato, and a 20oz EI draft beer, all for only $7.99! If you sign up for our Passport Players Club we have great giveaways and promos. Also, facebook and twitter is a good place to receive exclusive offers, events and prizes. If there is anything I can do to make sure we provide the best service in Las Vegas , please let me know. ‘Like’ us on facebook and follow on twitter

Thank you,

Michael Galatte
Be sure to 'like' Ellis Island. I know BZA does. This brings us to our poll question. We are now presented with two steak dinner offers for Friday night. Here is the special at Hard Rock, mentioned by Thomas:

  • Lucky Js at Hard Rock has the gamblers special. 8 oz steak, 3 shrimp, potatoes and a salad for 7.77 
Which to choose? Leave a comment below and respond to the poll. Stay tuned for the Sunday hits and misses.

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  1. You should totally like EI on Friday mornings, you could win $50 in slot play.