BZA is Returning to Fabulous Las Vegas.

Three Highly Esteemed Members of BZA are Returning to Fabulous Las Vegas.

The trip consists of a five-night stay, beginning the 10th of November, 2011. BZA members are invited to follow the journey, discovering tips and tricks, while revealing desires and memories of the city that never sleeps. Wait a minute, that's New York.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

There is no Geneva Convention for kids

Let's take a look at some of the conventions in Vegas during our upcoming visit. Paris and Mandalay Bay are hosting the Antique Jewelry & Watch Trade Shows. The Las Vegas Convention Center is hosting the American Craft Retailers Exposition and the Laundering & Dry-cleaning Convention. And the last convention of note is the International Association of Insurance Women Convention at the Flamingo Casino. I guess that means we will encounter several well dressed, stylish, artsy, highly-insured women making the most of Sin City. I think BZA can handle that!

Once again it is time to pick a lucky casino that we will visit. Neil beat this cookie to the punch and he already chose Planet Hollywood (PH, "FFFHH") as a confirmed visit. I will indulge you with my thoughts then pick another...This place has a lot going on. When you walk in the casino, the atmosphere is hip with music blasting great tunes all throughout. The table games (blackjack, poker, etc) have special Pleasure Pits. These Pits have go-go dancers dancing on small stages near the table and showing you their skills as they twirl on the stage pole. PH is a member of the Buffet of Buffets which means we can visit the buffet as many times as we can with our 24hr pass (what a deal!). Finally PH has the Pleasure Pool. I have never been to the pool but it's summertime and the pool is the place to be, especially with the name Pleasure Pool. I'm all about PH. See you there!

My pick for the Monday list is Bill's Gamblin' Hall & Saloon. How can you not choose Bill's? It is like a dive bar but has a casino in it. Look at all the great products you get a Bill's:
-Cheap Pitchers of Beer
-A Hot Dog Cart
-Electronic Craps
-Recommendation by Tankersley

Bill's is now on the confirmed visit list!
And the Blacklist addition is...Monte Carlo Casino. It was under renovations a few times that we visited but even after all the work it's just not that cool. Yeah they have electronic roulette but I don't think Neil won anything on it. Not only that but Neil always forgets to cash in his sports bets which means we end up driving back to Monte Carlo last minute. I know BZA Wes is all about Fantasy Baseball and would probably like the Monte Carlo but from what I understand Neil has not even changed his Fantasy team in 4 years. Therefore there is no need to go to the Monte Carlo.
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  1. It's hard to believe so many glamorous conventions could be going on while you are there..sounds like a real dantasy...actually more like a nightmare..or a dwightmare (know anybody named dwight?)