BZA is Returning to Fabulous Las Vegas.

Three Highly Esteemed Members of BZA are Returning to Fabulous Las Vegas.

The trip consists of a five-night stay, beginning the 10th of November, 2011. BZA members are invited to follow the journey, discovering tips and tricks, while revealing desires and memories of the city that never sleeps. Wait a minute, that's New York.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mr....BZA...Don BZA

After a day at the dam and buffet bellyful what a better way to end the day than a visit to Casino Royale. BZA commits to visiting the Casino Royale for so many great reasons. First and foremost we are members of the Club Royale and always get great deals and coupons with the Funbook. Examples include 2-for-1 Frozen Margaritas, bonus payouts on Wheel of Fortune slot machines, Denny's discounts, and Subway treats. The Michelob bottles and Margaritas are only $1.00 anyways so what a bargain! Finally, the craps tables are HOTT!! Neil and Matt B. were totally banking on them last BZA trip. So I gladly report that BZA will visit Casino Royale again and come back big winners!

Now for the sad news. BZA will not have time to see the Venetian casino. Obviously we are Grazie Club members but the slots and tables were not very hot at this Italian extravaganza. One look at the headliners, Tim Allen & Joan Rivers, will send any decent casino connoisseur running. The last straw that led BZA to blacklist the Venetian were the Gondola Rides. I like Neil and all...but a Gondola Ride with him is NOT on my list.

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-Roberto (Don BZA)

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